:) Hey. Glad to see you finally.

Here is OPixels, a world that hundreds of designers live in, just like you and me. We are totally different, for coming from all walks of life, living in different parts of the world, even having different color of skin. But we are also alike, thanks to being a designer.

Our dream is to build a place where everyone can become a designer here. It finally came true when I met the others in our team. After many discussions, we decided to convey our spirit through wallpapers from the start.

In this 6 months, we worked day and night to develop OPixles. I can still remember the excitement when we finally got approval and released version 1.0 on the App Store. Though we encountered lots of difficulties, we got over it and finally can bring OPixels to you guys. We all hope that everyone can become a designer and bring beauty or happiness to their own life.

Feel free to talk to us if you are interested.

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